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Jadelouise Burgham reviewed Mount Pleasant Livery – 5 star

15 Apri 2017 · 

Well maintained and spacious stable block/barn nice and aired all year round, ample amounts of hay and fantastic stable management full floor of decent rubber matting and biggest springy banks to die for. The best customer service I've ever seen and received since having horses in Kent. The staff and well mannered and efficient friendly and knowledgeable. You are always well informed and invited to all yard events and made to feel apart of the crew ... Bugsy deserves the best and that is what he gets here !

Grace Calleja reviewed Mount Pleasant Livery – 5 star

21 January 2017 

Have been at this yard 6 months and couldn't be happier, was made to feel at home from day one. Everyone is friendly and there for a helping hand. The yard is very well looked after by staff and liveries with brilliant grazing for both winter and summer. Facilities for everyone's needs with an indoor school well lit to suit anyone for the hours of the day and brilliant are to hack through the country

Emma Hogben reviewed Mount Pleasant Livery – 5 star

18 January 2017 

Beautiful well maintained stable block. Large winter and summer grazing areas. Great indoor school which suits late evening winter riding with no extra cost for floodlights like many other yards. No charge for box/trailer parking. Numerous wings/poles and summer cross country jumps! A wealth of experience in all aspects

Charlotte Guise reviewed Mount Pleasant Livery – 5 star

25 September 2016 · 

I've been with mount pleasant since I was 13, I am now 22 and I still love the yard; I'm am proud to say I feel like a piece of the furniture and a member of the family - I love this place it's a second home, my pony loves it too and he has only been here a few months

Angela Watkins reviewed Mount Pleasant Livery – 5 star

19 October 2014 · 

We have been at Mount Pleasant for only 3 weeks, we have been made to feel at home. The support they have given my daughter to attend her first dressage show in 2 years has been amazing

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